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Top left with Numinos, top middle with Kingz, top right with Gourski,  middle right with Thorsten Quaeschning, bottom left with Kammerchor des KMGV & Maria Kublashvili, bottom right  bw22y collab sessions cd product, bottom left with Gregor Schwellenbach & Dirk Leyers. Middle and bottom middle w/ Steve Digital


on August 14, my remix of Enea & MC Fava‘s  „Dust“ will be out. It uses some self-tuned Synths and oldschool beats. It is accompanied by a video with comic style animation I made myself based on MC Fava‘s Footage. Fava and Enea have been working as „beatalistics“ in Soth Germany. Fava has also released with Keeno, Klute, Logistics and Seba on Hospital, V-Rec, Commercial Suicide and Spearhead. He also performed with Etherwood @ Hospitality on the beach or @Sunandbass and Liquicity.

on July 3rd, my EP with Steve Digital (Function/Metalheadz) is out on Function (Function 501) feat. Junglist Soldier (w/ Digital, Freeze, Ras Abraham, Sabrination), Hijacked (w/Digital) and Who‘s Weird?. Its also featured on a DnBarena Spotify Playlist

May/June: I recorded Basswerk 11 vinyl (Damn Wire/ Copper to iron, mastered by Simon @ The Exchange and put it up for free! Bandcamp also includes some sound examples from my performance under my real name @ Klang & Raum Festival, Koeln, St. Gertrud, November 2019. When performing live, I improvised over it, so this is just the „barebone“ and very raw, but I still like it, so I decided to give this away for free/ pay what you want.

Youtube ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WHqicysJWFY&t=2569s )

Do April 30...    Basswerk x Deegree x Drop That Stream in den Mai .. DJ&VJ performance with Sehvermoegen

Marcel Panne and I have been performing at "Basswerk Sessions" @ Gebäude 9 since 1998 - varying intensities in sound and picture. I'm aware there is a new wave of formatted Drum & Bass "in town", but to me this is what the genre is about (this is 1hr of our stream without the transmission interferences incl many dubplates)

Friday March 7: Synaesthesia Liveact...  who am I? Heiner? The Green Man? Philo saw me @ Klang & Raum and asked me to do something between Ambient & Jungle.... I always love that approach... it happened @ Niehler Freiheit...the last event before Corona...it was spooky...we knew it was coming, but we ...just did it one last time.

Saturday Jan 11, Basswerk Session @ Gebaeude 9 Koeln again - feat. Document One. Gebaeude 9 has been totally renewed.

November 17 18h under my real name I performed an Ambient Set @ Klang & Raum/ St. Gertrud. I plan to do more ambient stuff in the future - some tracks do have a soundtrack vibe.

In 2019 my album with Kingz was released (The Green Man & Kingz - Changes), followed by: The Green Man presents: 22 Years of Basswerk/ The Collab Sessions. Thes two CDs feature collab tracks which I did with: Aquasky, David Boomah, Brian Brainstorm, Chevy, Digital, FR33M4N, DJ Freeze, Gourski, Kammerchor des KMGV (Kölner Männer-Gesang-Verein), Kingz, Klute, Maria Kublashvili, (MC) Navigator, Numinos, Thorsten Quaeschning (Tangerine Dream), Gregor Schwellenbach, Seibel, Skarra Mucci, Triou, Ultima C, Zera

I’ve been working on this for more than 2 years now. The project received a funding form Kulturamt Koeln. 2019 will see the release of many more tracks from this project, including collabs with Navigator, Can Top, Bermooda. Digital, Daddy Freddy, Marvel Cinema, Brian Brainstorm, Seibel and many more.

In July 2019 another collab came out: Bermooda & The Green Man - Der Sound verändert Dich, also in August my Alternative Rmx of: Da Real Sound feat. Nikita Candis - Change

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also here are the 2019 releases

https://orcd.co/v5b3n9l (Changes album)

https://orcd.co/rqm7rll (The Collab Sessions)

https://orcd.co/wzm1pmq (Der Sound verändert Dich)